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Dear Mrs Merdjan

My name is Angel one of the bursary students. I would like to share my happiness with you.

It was 2014 when I saw a post about Camelot bursary, I applied and on 2015 I was accepted.I was so excited and I couldn't wait for my first day at college.

My experience was good but challenging and that made me a strong woman,not just strong but smart and thanks to you for giving me that opportunity.South Africa needs more women like you.May God bless you as it is written in the bible that the giving hand is more blessed than the receiving hand.

This year march I started working at Camelot (WOG).I loved it there and I was groomed by the staff and now i am moved to Protea hotel I also enjoy working here.

Thank you so much for playing the important role.You are one heroine out of millions.

Your's faithfully

















Hi Debbie

Im not too sure if you remember me, my name is Nicolette and I won top student for 2nd and 3rd year at Camelot Durban and you were there at the graduation.
I recently read an article of yours in the Professional Beauty Magazine about being professional at all times and also another article about incorporating wet and dry hair treatments with C-spa (amazing idea) and it made me realise what a great business woman you are. You have built an empire with Camelot and I am aiming to do the same with my salon one day. 

You are an inspiration and I hope to one day reach the level that you have.

Thank you for providing a solid foundation that has allowed me to reach for the stars.

Many thanks,

Owner of Tranquility health and beauty.

















Thank you so much,

We look forward to more mentorship lessons, you will never know how you are changing our business thinking through your mentorship lessons.



Kayz Tours South Africa


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